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USB Dimming Screen Hanging Lights

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Dynamic Illumination Harmony:

Illuminate your workspace with our USB Stepless Dimming Screen Hanging Lights. Offering seamless RGB background atmosphere, this curved monitor light bar ensures dynamic lighting control, enhancing productivity and creating the perfect ambiance for any task.

Effortless Adjustability:

Experience unparalleled versatility with our Monitor Light Bar. Effortlessly adjust the brightness to your preference with stepless dimming, ensuring optimal lighting conditions for your curved screen monitor. Whether you're working late or indulging in immersive gaming sessions, this desk lamp provides customizable lighting solutions for maximum comfort.

Seamless Integration:

Integrate style and functionality with our RGB Background Atmosphere Desk Lamp. Designed to complement your workspace, this monitor light bar seamlessly attaches to your curved screen, providing immersive lighting effects. With its USB connectivity, enjoy hassle-free setup and easy access to a spectrum of colors, transforming your environment with a touch of innovation.

Personalized Ambiance Creation:

Craft your ideal atmosphere with our Monitor Light Bar RGB. Tailor the lighting to suit your mood or task, from vibrant hues to subtle tones, this desk lamp offers endless possibilities. Elevate your gaming setup, enhance movie nights, or simply add a touch of flair to your workspace – the choice is yours with this versatile and stylish lighting solution.

✅ Immersive Ambiance: USB Stepless Dimming Screen Hanging Lights envelop your workspace in vibrant RGB hues, creating a captivating atmosphere for heightened productivity or relaxation.

✅ Curved Screen Enhancement: Specifically designed to complement curved monitors, this light bar seamlessly integrates with your setup, illuminating your screen with customizable brightness levels to reduce eye strain and enhance visual clarity.

✅ Dynamic Background Illumination: Elevate your gaming or work environment with dynamic RGB lighting, offering a spectrum of colors to match your mood or enhance your viewing experience.

✅ Adjustable Flexibility: With stepless dimming capabilities, effortlessly tailor the brightness to suit your preferences, ensuring optimal lighting conditions for any task or activity.

✅ Versatile Placement: Easily mountable on various surfaces, this desk lamp offers flexible placement options to suit your setup, whether it's mounted on your monitor or positioned elsewhere in your workspace.


  • Shade Type: ABS
  • Voltage: 5V
  • Item Type: Desk Lamps
  • Switch Type: Touch On/Off Switch
  • Material: PVC/Plastic
  • Style: Modern Style
  • lightbar monitor: Table lamp
  • screen light bar: curved monitor light bar
USB Dimming Screen Hanging Lights - My Big Easy Life
USB Dimming Screen Hanging Lights - My Big Easy Life
USB Dimming Screen Hanging Lights - My Big Easy Life
USB Dimming Screen Hanging Lights - My Big Easy Life
USB Dimming Screen Hanging Lights - My Big Easy Life
USB Dimming Screen Hanging Lights - My Big Easy Life
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