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NEW Absorbent Wringer Mop

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Efficient Cleaning, Hands-Free Operation:

Revolutionize your household cleaning routine with our NEW Absorbent Wringer Mop. Designed for maximum convenience, this innovative mop allows for hands-free washing and wringing, making floor cleaning a breeze. Say goodbye to tedious manual wringing and hello to effortless, adjustable mopping with ease.

Versatile Portability, On-the-Go Comfort:

Experience portable comfort with our Folding Accordion Chair. Its adjustable height ensures optimal seating for any occasion, while its compact, accordion-style design allows for easy transport and storage. Whether you're enjoying outdoor adventures or indoor gatherings, this chair provides comfort and convenience wherever you go.

Queue Efficiency, Stress-Free Waiting:

Streamline your waiting experience with our Queue Chair. Designed for efficient organization and comfort, this chair offers stability and ease while waiting in line at theme parks, airports, or event venues. Lightweight and movable, it simplifies queue management without sacrificing style or comfort.

Innovative Seating, Instant Convenience:

Discover seamless functionality with our Round Folding Chair. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this chair offers unparalleled versatility. Its collapsible design and height adjustment feature makes it perfect for impromptu gatherings or planned events, providing instant seating wherever and whenever needed.

✅ Effortless Cleanliness: The NEW Absorbent Wringer Mop Flat Floor Tile makes household cleaning a breeze with its innovative design and easy-to-use features.

✅ Hands-Free Convenience: Say goodbye to tedious hand washing! This Balai Cleaner allows you to squeeze out excess water without getting your hands dirty, ensuring a hygienic cleaning experience.

✅ Superior Absorption: With its advanced water collodion technology, this mop efficiently absorbs spills and dirt, leaving your floors sparkling clean with minimal effort.

✅ Versatile Cleaning Solution: Whether you're tackling hardwood, tile, or laminate floors, this mop is designed to provide exceptional cleaning performance on any surface.

✅ Streamlined Operation: Its ergonomic design and intuitive functionality make mopping a seamless task, allowing you to maintain a spotless home with ease.


  • Material: Collodion
  • Type: Cotton thread Mops
  • Nozzle type: sponge
  • Capacity: 301-500ml
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Absorption: <10 seconds
  • Mop Rod Type: Hoisting Rod + Stainless Tray
  • Head Shape: rectangle
  • Steam Adjustment Function: No
  • Component Type: none
NEW Absorbent Wringer Mop - My Big Easy Life
NEW Absorbent Wringer Mop - My Big Easy Life
NEW Absorbent Wringer Mop - My Big Easy Life
NEW Absorbent Wringer Mop - My Big Easy Life
NEW Absorbent Wringer Mop - My Big Easy Life
NEW Absorbent Wringer Mop - My Big Easy Life
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