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Neck Massager Cervical Traction Device

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Do Not Let Neck Pain Affect Your Life - Get Relief From Chronic Neck Pain!

Are you fed up with the chronic neck pain and tired shoulders? If yes then you're in the right place. Introducing our Neck Massager Cervical Traction Device - an ultimate solution for neck pain and tired shoulders. This Massager for Neck Pain is specially designed to provide targeted relief for neck pain, shoulder tension, and muscle discomfort. This massager pillow features 14 pressure nodes that help with neck pain relief and posture correction. 

Key Features:

Trapezius Trigger Point Release:

Because the knob on the trapezius trigger point massager set stretcher is in a precise position, it can apply pressure to the trigger points in the trapezius muscle, and because the force utilized is your weight, it will automatically relieve the pressure and provide you with optimal comfort.

Stretch and Lengthen:

You can stretch and lengthen tight shoulder muscles, as well as relieve trapezius pain. Lay on the Neck Massager to stretch and lengthen tight and stiff pec muscles caused by bad posture or slouching, which will relieve hurting necks and shoulders.

Neck and Shoulder Relaxe:

Relaxing the neck and shoulders involves breaking down muscular tension, adhesions, and scar tissue, which can be uncomfortable but beneficial for chronic pain relief. After a 5-10 minute treatment session, the discomfort will naturally subside in a short amount of time.


High-Quality Material:

It is an ergonomic massage tool that is made of food-grade silicone. It has a strong pressure point and is the finest option for treating headaches and neck unease.It is resistant to deformation, long-lasting, and may be given as a present to relax and treat discomfort.

Get the Relief You Deserve - Order Yours Now!

How To Use:

1. Find a quiet place where you can lay down or sit back for about 10 minutes. This can be on the bed, sofa, floor or recliner.

2. Locate the neck support of the device around the middle of your neck.

3. Gently reposition the device up or down along your spine to locate the most comfortable position for your neck, shoulders, and back. Make sure that your spine is between the two rows of massage points, so as to ensure a relaxing effect.

4. Once comfortable, allow your neck to settle further into the support. Bent your knees, put your hand beside your head. Taking slow deep breaths helps to relax.

5. Take notice of how the support is reinforcing your posture. You may observe at this point that you are releasing tension.

6. You may notice your neck, trapezius, shoulder, and back muscles relax further and your posture becomes more consistent.

7. Gently reposition every few minutes to prevent local fatigue. If necessary, you can re-assume your position.

8. Like any new exercise, start slowly. Use for 5 minutes, and then reassess whether it can be used for another 5 minutes. Progress gradually when you feel comfortable.

9. NOTE: At first, you may feel slight discomfort as your muscles and joints adjust to their new positions. If you feel pain, discontinue using device and consult with your healthcare professional.

10. This product is waterproof. If there is a smell, simply use warm water with liquid soap or any sanitizer commonly used in the home or healthcare setting, and place it in a well-ventilated area for 24 to 48 hours.


  • Color: An orange suit
  • Size: 40 * 17 * 9cm/ 15.7 * 6.7 * 3.5in
  • Material: Resin + PE/PC polymer material
  • Massage time: recommended 20-30 minutes

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Neck Massager Cervical Traction Device
Neck Massager Cervical Traction Device - My Big Easy Life
Neck Massager Cervical Traction Device - My Big Easy Life
Neck Massager Cervical Traction Device - My Big Easy Life
Neck Massager Cervical Traction Device - My Big Easy Life
Neck Massager Cervical Traction Device - My Big Easy Life
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