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Anti-Collision Taillight Car Mounted Lase

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Enhanced Safety, Visible Protection

Illuminate your vehicle's presence with our Anti-Collision Taillight. Designed to enhance safety on the road, this vehicle-mounted laser fog light emits a powerful beam, alerting nearby drivers and pedestrians of your vehicle's presence, especially in foggy or low visibility conditions. With its brake warning feature, it provides added protection, ensuring a safer driving experience for you and those around you.

Adjustable Mounting, Customized Placement

Tailor the positioning of your warning light with ease using our Adjustable Mounting system. Versatile and user-friendly, this feature allows you to customize the placement of the taillight according to your vehicle's specifications, ensuring optimal visibility from all angles. Whether mounted on the rear bumper or elsewhere, enjoy the flexibility to optimize your safety measures on the road.

Weatherproof Reliability, Year-Round Assurance

Rely on our Taillight's durable construction, built to withstand various weather conditions year-round. Engineered with weatherproof materials, including a robust housing and sealed components, this fog light ensures consistent performance even in rain, snow, or extreme temperatures. Drive with confidence knowing that your vehicle's safety measures are always operational, regardless of the weather outside.

Effortless Installation, Immediate Protection

Experience hassle-free installation and immediate protection with our Car Accessories. Designed for quick and easy setup, our Anti-Collision Taillight requires no specialized tools or expertise to install, saving you time and effort. Simply follow the straightforward instructions, and within minutes, enhance your vehicle's safety profile, providing peace of mind for you and your passengers on every journey.

✅ Enhanced Safety: The Anti-Collision Taillight Vehicle Mounted Laser is your reliable companion on the road, emitting a powerful laser beam to alert vehicles behind you, reducing the risk of collisions.

✅ Ultimate Visibility: With its fog-penetrating laser technology, this car accessory ensures clear visibility even in adverse weather conditions, keeping you and others safe on the road.

✅ Smart Brake Warning: Stay ahead of potential dangers with the integrated brake warning feature, signaling drivers behind you to react promptly, enhancing overall road safety.

✅ Effortless Installation: Designed for hassle-free mounting, this taillight can be easily attached to your vehicle, providing instant peace of mind without complex installation processes.

✅ Reliable Accessory: Engineered with high-quality materials and advanced technology, this anti-collision taillight is a must-have addition to your car accessories, offering dependable performance and durability on every journey.


  • Item Type: Atmosphere lamp
  • Material Type: ABS
  • Voltage: 5V
  • Item Weight: 0.25
  • Power supply method: USB
  • Light source type: laser
  • Battery capacity: 500mA/h
  • Voltage power: 5V/50mw green light
  • Battery capacity:500mA/h
  • Power supply method: USB
Anti-Collision Taillight Car Mounted Lase - My Big Easy Life
Anti-Collision Taillight Car Mounted Lase - My Big Easy Life
Anti-Collision Taillight Car Mounted Lase - My Big Easy Life
Anti-Collision Taillight Car Mounted Lase - My Big Easy Life
Anti-Collision Taillight Car Mounted Lase - My Big Easy Life
Anti-Collision Taillight Car Mounted Lase - My Big Easy Life
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