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Wireless charger Novelty floating lamp

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Versatile Illumination, Effortless Charging:

Illuminate your space with our Novelty Floating Lamp, a multifunctional marvel that combines decorative lighting with wireless charging capabilities. With a detachable 10W wireless charger, you can power up your devices while enjoying the ambient glow of this stylish lamp, perfect for bedrooms or offices.

Floating Elegance, Sleek Design:

Add a touch of elegance to your decor with our Floating Lamp. Its unique design creates a mesmerizing visual effect, appearing to hover effortlessly above any surface. Crafted for both aesthetics and functionality, this lamp seamlessly blends into any environment, elevating the ambiance with its modern charm.

Adjustable Brightness, Customized Atmosphere:

Tailor the mood to your liking with our Novelty Floating Lamp's adjustable brightness settings. Whether you prefer a soft, subtle glow for relaxation or a brighter light for focused tasks, this lamp delivers customizable illumination to suit every occasion. Transform your space with ease and create the perfect atmosphere for work or leisure.

Decorative Accent, Functional Art:

Turn heads with our Novelty Floating Lamp, a captivating decorative piece that doubles as functional art. Its innovative design not only adds flair to your space but also serves as a practical solution for lighting and charging needs. Enhance your bedroom or office with this striking conversation starter, showcasing your appreciation for creativity and technology.

✅ Illuminated Ambiance: Transform any space with our Novelty Floating Lamp, featuring a 10W detachable wireless charger and decorative light. Perfect for adding an enchanting touch to bedrooms or offices.

✅ Wireless Convenience: Say goodbye to tangled cords with the detachable wireless charger, providing seamless charging for compatible devices while emitting a soft, soothing glow.

✅ Versatile Decor: Whether it's for work or relaxation, this lamp effortlessly enhances any environment, offering both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

✅ Effortless Elegance: With its sleek design and practical features, our floating lamp elevates your space with effortless style and convenience.


  • Shade Type: ABS
  • Voltage: 5V
  • Base Type: None
  • Features: floating design
  • Body Material: ABS
  • Material: PP/Plastic
  • Style: Novelty
  • Light Source: LED bulbs
Wireless charger Novelty floating lamp - My Big Easy Life
Wireless charger Novelty floating lamp - My Big Easy Life
Wireless charger Novelty floating lamp - My Big Easy Life
Wireless charger Novelty floating lamp - My Big Easy Life
Wireless charger Novelty floating lamp - My Big Easy Life
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