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Will-a-microwave-kill-bacteria-in-food, it is easy to see why people would think that cooking food in the microwave kills all the bacteria. it comes from the misconception that microwaving ‘irradiates’ food and so destroys any bacteria, along with all the nutrients. it is not true at all.. Microwave ovens use electromagnetic radiation to heat water molecules in food. it’s the heat, not the microwaves, that’s lethal here; the hotter you make your food, the more likely you are to kill the bacteria in it. (some contend microwave energy itself is fatal to bacteria, but that’s unproven.), if i take a piece of pizza that's been sitting on the table awhile and microwave it for one minute, would that kill bacteria and....

Although microwaving pizza or other food will kill most bacteria that's contaminating it, one of the major causes of food poisoning is not that bacteria is present, but that their waste products or other secretions are present, i.e., toxins. so even if you kill the bacteria you can still have problems., say there is a left over in the refrigerator, but it's been in there for a few days, so there is a possibility of contamination. would heating it in the microwave make it safer?.

Las night my family and i went out for dinner. we didn't finish all of our food so we brought it home. they put all of our food in the same box. my husband is just getting over the stomach flu though so now i'm scared that if i eat the food i'll get it too. if i microwave it will it kill the virus if there is any of it on the food? thanks!, creative loafing is a u.s. city monthly paper and web site serving the atlanta metropolitan area covering local news, politics, arts, entertainment, food, music and events.

However, thoroughly heating food to internal temperatures above 160 degrees fahrenheit kills off almost all parasites, viruses, or bacteria, even if that heat is only applied for a few seconds., hi all, i started looking at this cause i noticed that whenever i soaked seeds or nuts they tasted sour. a freind told me that hers never did ... also, i'd noticed that if i used any container that i'd ever put my homemade kombucha tea in for something else, i'd get a scoby (symbiotic culture....

Power of about 600 to 700 watt at 2450 mhz. modern microwave ovens are designed with microprocessor circuitry to control cooking time and temperature as

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