Whirlpool-microwave-not-heating-and-making-noise-smell-burning-plastic, thank you for your inquiry. our chat service hours are monday - friday from 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. saturday from 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. est.. I was given a microwave that worked for one night and then suddenly stopped. it was making a loud buzzing noise and wasn't heating at all so i decided to see if i could fix it. let's see what's ..., if your microwave has a loud buzzing and food does not warm up, try replacing your diode. part # for my microwave de91-70063d.. Whether you’re warming up last night’s leftovers or defrosting ground beef for tonight’s dinner, your microwave saves you from wasting a large amount of time in the kitchen. unfortunately, this useful tool can also cause you problems when it begins to emit unfamiliar noises. while many people avoid microwave repair by purchasing a new appliance at the first sign of trouble, taking ..., watch the microwave during use. if there is no light when the microwave is in operation but it heats food properly without noise or odors, the bulb is burned out and should be replaced..

If you did not include a model # xxxxx your question please do on you second reply if possible,this helps us serve you faster. its the high voltage diode thats doing that, soon this will not heat the food, the diode will fail, you need this replaced by a tech however, this is on the high voltage capacitor and even when unplugged can kill you , please read this warning., hi, my name is peter. by your question it sounds like you were using the microwave when it started smoking. if this is correct the barry g was correct that the high voltage transformer is the most common item that will smoke and cause an electrical burning smell..

A microwave works by creating rf or radio frequency energy by way of oscillating magnets. this frequency is then magnified and the food absorbs it, heating up. a number of issues can arise with a microwave, some signaling the imminent failure of the device.

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