What-to-put-on-furniture-legs-to-protect-hardwood-floors, protect floors from furniture. considerations and options posted december 1, 2016 how to protect hardwood floors from chairs and furniture. in the realm of floor care, a lot of attention is placed on protecting floors against outside contaminants and making sure everyone in the home is aware of good floor-friendly habits. sometimes, furniture .... Furniture can cause scratches, worn finish and even gouges in hardwood floors. here are tips to keep your floors beautiful and protected from furniture damage., how to protect hardwood floors from furniture weight use cork and felt padding on furniture legs to protect your floor from scratches and dents. digital vision./digital vision/getty images.

Hardwood floors are easily scratched by chairs being pushed in and out from a dining room table. whether the floor is laminate or hardwood, you need to protect the floor's surface against damage from the bottoms of the chair legs, which can have metal casters, wood bottoms or plastic caps., heavy furniture - especially when its being moved - can do damage to any kind of flooring, though natural hardwood is the most vulnerable. luckily there are products you can buy and make to protect your floors, plus specific techniques for moving furniture that will minimize damage and keep your floors clear of scratches and scuff marks..

Protect your hardwood floors and keep them looking like new by installing felt pads on the bottoms of furniture legs to prevent unsightly marks and scratches on the floor. place felt pads on ..., tips on keeping furniture from scratching wood floors. tweet your wood floor and your furniture may both be beautiful; together, however, they can create some not-so-beautiful scratches. furniture can be rough on hardwood floors. fortunately, it's possible to protect your wood floors from your furniture by taking some preventative measures.