What-to-do-to-make-hardwood-floors-shine, installing new hardwood floors or finding them in an older home is a bonus to the value of a home. they are durable, valuable at resale time, and can enhance almost any decorating style. while a few decorators may love a matte finish, most hardwood floor owners like finishes that shine.. Broom dustpan vacuum white vinegar olive oil spray bottle distilled water sponge mop hardwood floor buffer or microfiber cloth strip the hardwood floor about once a month with mop stripper to remove any buildup. do not use this mixture more than once a month or a film buildup might occur. hardwood is a beautiful flooring that is long-lasting., everyone loves a shiny hardwood floor. it’s one of the first things you’ll notice when you walk into someone’s home. it’s really hard to beat that hardwood look and feel, but especially when it has a nice shine to it..

Easy guide on how to make hardwood floors shine. hardwood floors really make a statement in the home, which is why you’ll always want yours to shine., making your hardwood floors shine can be difficult if you don't have the right cleaners or tools. find tips on cleaning and shining your hardwood floors, here..

The usual wear and tear in combination with foot traffic can dull your floors. if your engineered hardwood floors are not worn out too much you should be able to get the shine back with a spray-and-buff procedure., plain water won't clean the floors and make them shine. water can actually damage the floor, depending on the finish, since the wood absorbs the moisture and swells. making your cleaners nontoxic.... How to shine hardwood floors naturally. your hardwood probably has a lovely, glossy sheen, and you’d like to keep it that way. the job the chemical cleaners do is good. the problem is the awful rashes your children get when they sit on it., bring back the shine to your hardwood, marble, or tile floors and make your home look brighter, more spacious, and instantly updated. if you are stuck with dull looking floors and are thinking of doing a whole flooring re-do – think again, all you may need is a little buffing up!