What-is-wenge-wood-finish, the heartwood is a deep, rich brown with black lines. depending on how the wood is cut, wenge may show narrow, tan lines alongside the black. sometimes used in place of ebony, wenge becomes almost completely black after applying an oil finish.. Wenge is a species of wood not a finish, typically it is a very dark wood with some examples almost ebony in appearance. it comes from a tree that grows in the african continent., uses: wenge is a good choice for flooring strips and blocks and for interior and exterior joinery and general construction work. it is a good wood for turning and is sliced for paneling and veneers for furniture and cabinets..

This site is excellent in explaining various problems with oily woods (like wenge) and how to solve them, here is an excerpt and the site: the oils create two main problems. # when oil based ..., although severe reactions are quite uncommon, breathing wenge wood dust has been reported to cause central nervous system effects, abdominal cramps, irritation of the skin and eyes, and is a sensitizer. also, wenge splinters tend to take longer to heal and are more likely to go septic (get infected) than splinters from other woods..

Polyester finish on wenge. polyester sprays on thick with full grain fill. lots of wet sanding and buffing leaves a perfect piano finish., how to finish wenge that doesn't make it blah. i've made a frame from wenge and some purpleheart as edging for a valentine's day gift but now i'm at a loss. i tried out straight up mineral oil on the scrap and the beautiful tiger stripes of the wenge disappeared. it's almost a black with some depth to it.. Anybody use wenge wood?-how do you finish it? discussion in 'shop talk - bladesmith questions and answers' started by raylaconico, aug 14, 2006. aug 14, 2006 #1. raylaconico. 4,030. jan 30, 2004. i was just wondering what's a good way to finish unstabililzed wenge wood. my concern is that in this two tone wood, the lighter colored parts are ..., a central african hardwood with atti tude . by pete stephano technical consultant: larry osborn. wenge (millettia laurentii) and its nearly identical relation, panga panga (millettia stuhlmannii), grow in many of the tropical countries in central africa, ranking as a major lumber species there.an attractive dark wood, wenge is hard, heavy, and takes some care when working it.