What-is-tigerwood-hardwood-flooring, tigerwood hardwood flooring is one of the most popular exotic hardwood floorings in north america. what makes people in north america so favoring this tigerwood flooring is not just the its beautiful looking. there are some outstanding benifits of tigerwood flooring for people choosing it as the wood flooring for their houses.. Tigerwood flooring is beautiful exotic brazilian specie which provides one of the most special floorings you will ever see.tigerwood flooring is so called because it has a dark orange colour with dark veins which give it a tiger-like look. tigerwood flooring will darken slightly to a redder tone with exposure to sunlight.. here we have some general guidelines about tigerwood hardwood flooring., tigerwood is a bold and dramatic exotic hardwood from south america that is family friendly and really makes a statement!. it's variations in color, caused by it's dark "tiger striping" makes it easy to decorate with and complements nearly any decor..

Looking closer at tigerwood flooring. december 30, 2017 - unique wood floors. exotic wood flooring remains a popular choice for homeowners, and tigerwood flooring is one of the most sought-after styles for south american exotic woods. tigerwood offers dramatic color and excellent durability, perfect for making a statement., tiger wood flooring.what is tigerwood hardwood flooring pros and cons . tigerwood flooring natural hardwood floors tigerdeck. blue ridge surplus: project photos tigerwood flooring. home improvement gallery.

Tigerdeck’s tigerwood flooring is a beautiful and natural hardwood flooring with a wide variety of figure, character, and contrast. these qualities make tigerwood flooring truly unique, as shown in the images below. tigerwood is harder than oak (1290) or hickory (1820) with a janka rating of 2160 lb., flooring hardwood flooring the basics 11 comments 3 botanical name: astronium fraxinifolium tigerwood grows naturally in the in the neotropical forests of brazil, bolivia, peru, guatemala, and mexico. color ranges from a pale cream to a rich reddish-orange hue in the dramatic streaking pattern that gives the wood its name..

What is tigerwood? tigerwood is an exotic wood species that is best known for its beautiful grain. with its deep reddish/orange background with dark vein stripes, it is a dramatic and durable hardwood. exotic beauty, showing num1 - num2 of 3 tigerwood hardwood floor products 1 ... 1 1 get inspired! browse our new digital catalog and. keep up with the latest flooring trends. free samples! online or in store. order 3 samples online for $10 and free shipping* and get a $10 credit towards your next purchase. ....

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