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Otg-microwave-oven, an oven, toaster, grill (otg) is essentially a smaller version of a traditional oven. it uses heated coils to cook meals and requires much less setting up. the thermostat present in the otgs helps in controlling the temperature which ensures the food is cooked or heated properly. what is a convection microwave?. Oven toaster and griller (otg) is well known kitchen appliance exclusively to bake, grill and toast. it is little confusing which one to buy - microwave oven, otg or both!!! in this guide we answer all the questions. in fact you can use microwave oven selector as well to choose the right microwave oven., types of microwave ovens - microwave vs otg | microwave vs otg difference =====buy from amazon at best rates===== ****my microwave**** morphy richards 25 l convection microwave oven (25 cg with ....

20% faster cooking. whirlpool otg helps you cook your food 20% faster. it saves your time while you cook crunchy, juicy & tasty cuisines. *results based on external lab tests done on select recipes in select models vs. competing brands in this segment under specific testing conditions and may vary depending on testing conditions., pre-heating : about the pre-heating time, whenever you bake anything in a convection microwave or in an otg, you would need to get your oven to the temperature specified in the recipe before you keep your cake or cookies inside the oven and this is called as ‘pre-heating’. pre-heating in a convection microwave takes about 5 minutes..

Lg microwaves come with a host of advanced features designed to make cooking – and life – simpler. from our pizza microwave ovens’ one-touch settings to our ultra-efficient extenda vent system, which allows your over the range microwave oven’s ventilation system to efficiently vent your cooktop, our microwave ovens will revolutionize the way you cook., otg microwaves are useful for multitasking in the kitchen. if you are looking for one and do not know where to begin, here are a few tips for you. you can find the right one based on factors like food preparation time, power consumption, budget, capacity, its ease of use to name a few important ones..

Latest price list of otg ovens along with specifications and user reviews. compare prices and buy otg ovens online from top sellers like flipkart, amazon, shopclues etc. prices valid across top cities like chennai, delhi, mumbai, pune, kerala, kolkata etc.

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