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Microwave-safe-oven-safe-same, when choosing dishes and food storage containers, it is important to consider how these will be used. some dishes and containers are sold as being safe to use in a microwave oven. other dishes and containers are sold as being safe to use in a conventional oven. however, dishes or containers that are "microwave-safe". Microwave ovens have been a kitchen staple for decades, allowing you to cook everything from frozen vegetables to packaged meals in minutes. but while you zap your food, you may wonder how close ..., microwave ovens are generally safe when used correctly. but people have experienced burns, and in rare cases, other injuries from microwave radiation, particularly in cases involving improper use ....

Spread about 30 almonds on a microwave-safe flat dish and zap them on high for 2 minutes. adjust the roast-time, since it varies among the microwave ovens. when you see oil seeping out or the skin..., no because oven safe means it can be heated at high temps but . micro safe means that it can handle electric currents. if u want an example of the difference put tin foil in the oven and watch it do nothing. Porcelain is a kind of high fire clay, and is safe and suitable in the oven. glass meant to be used in the oven is also fired in a kiln and safe.

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