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Microwave-oven-door-repair, the next step is to inspect door switches. there are 3 switches in the microwave oven. see their location in the pictures. press down the pin beside the switch and rotate the switch a little to take it out. inspect one by one, i found one switch is little different with others, the first is press the button there is no contacts click voice, the .... If the door on your microwave oven doesn’t appear to close properly, you may have a problem with the door latch assembly. the door latch assembly usually consists of two hooks that protrude from the door and fit into the door switch holder that is mounted onto the frame of the microwave., if your microwave is not heating you need to inspect the high voltage diode, the door switch, and the magnetron. learn to test these parts and repair your microwave. 9% of customers. won’t turn on. figure out why your microwave will not turn on. learn how to inspect the door switch, ceramic fuse, thermal fuse, and door latch assembly..

How to repair your microwave door latch. is this the most useful tool in the world? watch and decide!! (5-in-1, 6-in-1,painter's tool) - duration: 8:36. the honest carpenter recommended for you, unplug the microwave and set it on a table or workbench. if you have a built-in microwave, you may have to remove some mounting screws or retention clips to get the microwave out of the support bracket. open the door and take out the.

The microwave oven door on my whirlpool gm8131xeb0 microwave/convection oven would not open. i was able to remove the outer housing and release the door by removing the upper "latch board #3"., if you’ve run into any of these problems, call us for microwave oven repair: the microwave isn’t working. if you’re sure the microwave is plugged in and the door is closed properly, the culprit is likely the fuse. if the electrical current got too strong or you slammed the microwave door, a fuse may have blown..

If your microwave door won’t latch or is not closing, it may be because of a broken torsion spring. luckily, this is an easy problem to diagnose and repair yourself. torsion springs are used to keep the microwave door closed on units with doors that open downwards. how to inspect microwave torsion springs:

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