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Patio-paver-base-calculator, paver base calculator calculate the amount of gravel and sand needed for the base for a paver patio, path, or driveway project. enter the size of the project and desired depth of the base materials to get an estimate of gravel and sand required.. This calculator is great for determining the amount of material needed for any paver or patio project. simply enter the size of the patio and the size of the pavers and the calculator will find the number of pavers needed. you can also enter the price per paver, and the calculator can assist with material cost., paver material calculator calculate the base materials and the amount of pavers or patio stones needed for your paving project. paver size needs to be entered in inch and fraction format. if your paver length is 6 3/8", then 6 is entered in the inch field, 3 in the n (numerator) field and 8 is entered in the d (denominator) field..

Choose the perfect paver for your outdoor project step 3. copy the internet # of the item (see screenshot of location) step 4. come back here and input the internet # of your paver below the home depot logo where it asks for the “item internet #” and click next that’s it!, there are two ways you can do your base. project: 29 ft x 9 ft = 261 sq ft traditional way - using bag base, 212 bags of base (for needed 4" base), 53 bags of all purpose leveling paver sand (for needed 1")..

Limestone #411 calculator. patio supply #411 (chips and dust) gravel is used as a base material for concrete pavers and concrete patios. #411 can also be used as a base for retaining walls, flagstone patios, and stepping stones.

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